Bench Scale Simulation Testing

Sciential offers an exceptional range of technical support services. Sciential has performed numerous simulation tests on municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Our vast technical process expertise, capabilities, and simulation test kits enable us to use data to recommend performance values for CapEx, OpEx and process performance.

Obtaining experimental evidence to support a proposed process flowsheet usually begins at the laboratory bench testing.

For any treatment application, the follow steps are first established:

  1. Treatment objectives
  2. Sample characterization
  3. Chemical screening/evaluation
  4.  Pre-treatment
  5. Post-treatment
  6. Dewatering
  7. Report generation/technical recommendations
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Technical and Operations Services

Sciential provides a wide range of technical and operations support services to help your plant meet and/or exceed its production and financial objectives. Technical services include preliminary material testing, flow sheet development, equipment recommendations, chemical screening and optimization.

Operations support services include both preventive and corrective measures to ensure optimum process performance. Our in-house operator training programs are customized to meet your specific needs.

Bench Scale Simulation Testing for Water & Wastewater Treatment