About Us

Sciential Solutions is a global provider of portable water and wastewater treatment test equipment.

Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition:

1 : relating to or producing knowledge or science
2 : having efficient knowledge: capable

1 : an action or process of solving a problem
2 : an answer to a problem


What We Do

Since 2002, Sciential Solutions has manufactured portable process wastewater treatment equipment along with supply of treatment chemicals for municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Since our beginning, Sciential Solutions has assisted end-users, consultants and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with the process wastewater treatment testing tools to optimize the plant process (chemical and mechanical), troubleshoot plant process bottlenecks, develop efficient process flow sheet, size equipment, operator training, and equipment commissioning.

Our Vision

To provide easy to use customized portable water and wastewater treatment process equipment along with innovative treatment solutions that effectively solved water and wastewater treatment challenges through the application of engineering expertise and decades of hard-earned process knowledge.

Experienced Professionals

With over 40 years of plant process experience, Sciential Solutions’ process engineers have become a reliable and efficient resource for plant end-users, consultants and OEMs. Our field and laboratory support provides the process tools to either design a new plant or to optimize existing plant processes.