Mining and Metals Water & Wastewater Treatment

Mining Industry Challenges

Improving product recovery, minimizing operational cost

Mine water is essential to plant operations either for separation of the metal value or to transport slurries to the tailing impoundment.  There are also solvent extraction unit processes that with proper pretreatment, efficiencies can be realized at the electro-winning or product recovery, like the organic used in the striping process.  As in the case of solvent extraction electro-winning (SXEW) process, efficient crud removal and recovery of the organic that can be potentially recovered into the solvent extraction process to minimize plant operational cost.


Treatment Drivers

Protection of human health & environmental (regulated – clean water act)

  • Heavy metals removal (arsenic, lead, copper, etc.).
  • Recovery and reuse of mine water
  • Suspended solids removal
  • Useful and potentially saleable products (copper, REO, etc.)
  • Sustainability of mining (support mine operation)