Rising to Meet the Challenge

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Sciential has worked with numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to provide them with the same trusted tools we use to design, troubleshoot and size treatment plants. Our repeat OEM customer base tells us they have confidence in our simulation test kits. What is the advantage to our customers in selecting Sciential’s test kits? Our customers have access to our support staff before, during and after the purchase. Sciential’s technical support team has rich experience in unit process and chemistry, and has onsite field experience in more than 400 plants worldwide. Let’s discuss how our simulation test kits can help optimize your next plant process. 

OEM Industry Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions
Simulation Test Kits for Universities


Sciential’s simulation test kits have become a valuable part of the education experience. Most of the simulation test kits sold to universities are Masters and PhD candidates looking to validate their thesis or field studies.  Sciential’s simulation test kits are built to last.  In fact, it is not uncommon for graduates to contact us years later to obtain an updated manual. The test kits are built with the end-user in mind. 

Where stainless steel is needed for a specific unit process or a voltage rating for a specific region of the world, our technical staff will ensure collection of the information necessary to tailor a test kit for your application.