Pressure Filtration Made Easy

Once the consolidated solids from the noted pre-treatment stage is completed the float or underflow solids is introduced to the filter press under pressure of about 100 psi. The solids slurry is pumped into a known chamber thickness and is charted against time and volume. A filter media of a known porosity/air permeability is placed between the plates and chamber to capture the solids. Note that a particle size distribution if known, it helps in selecting the filter media type, otherwise it can be evaluated with the equipment. Pressure chambers are provided at 1, 2 and 3 inches long by 3 inches in diameter. In addition, a slurry feed pump, mixer and slurry tank are included.

Once the cake is formed, the liquid is measured with time and the wet cake is compared to the dry cake for the moisture value. Optionally, a compressor can be included to conduct an air-blow through the cake to further dry (reduced moisture). A hard-shell case is portable equipped with rollers for ease of mobility.

Pressure Filtration Simulation Test Kit for Water & Wastewater Treatment

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