Get the Correct Type and Size of Thickener

Thickening is used to consolidate solids via settling with solids having a specific gravity greater than 1. Conventional gravity thickeners can employ polymer (flocculant) to facilitate agglomeration to make the solids mass heavier for setting. As the solids become consolidated at the bottom of the separation vessel, slow rotating pickets (rakes) create channels for the free liquid to escape allowing the solids to further concentrate. The purpose of a batch settling is to simulate a thickener at bench-scale and accurately predict the required unit area to handle a particular material. From this test work, the correct type and size of thickener can be determined.

The Thickener Test Kit comes equipped with two (2) 2-liter cylinders along with two (2) rake mechanism and one (1) dosing syringe and mixing plunger. A hard-shell case is portable equipped with rollers for ease of mobility.

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