Vacuum Filter Test Kit

Sciential Solutions LLC creates vacuum filter testing kits for wastewater filtration and optimization. If you manage a treatment plant and want to ensure that your equipment is optimized for maximum efficiency, our vacuum filter test kit units can help.

How It Works

Dewatering is a crucial step in the treatment of wastewater, and any treatment plant needs a vacuum filter that is reliable. Our vacuum filter test kit will ensure that your vacuum filter is working as it should and can help you optimize your full-size vacuum filtration system.

Our vacuum filter test kit is bench-scale, which means it offers easy testing power and can help you determine how suitable it is for your water treatment plant. The test kit can help you determine the expected cake moisture and cake wash efficiency, the air rate, and the filtration rate of your vacuum filtration system.

The kit comes with a vacuum filter test leave, shims, vacuum pump, and fittings all within a hard Pelican carrying case. The filter kit is easy to disassemble so it can be reused in other locations and is a reliable predictor of how your vacuum filtration system will work.

To learn more about our vacuum filter test kits, call Sciential Solutions LLC at 719.439.8491.